Turn Key Projects

“DINGXIN” is always devoted in the technicalresearch for raising rice milling degree and product yield. The full sets ofDINGXIN brand 60-300 T/D rice milling machine have been awarded the class threeNational Science -technology Progress Prize. The technology and equipment forprocessing washing-free rice product has won the national inventive patent. Andthe technology for step-by-step paddy hulling, double husk aspiration, doublestoning, brown rice finishing, fine separation of brown rice and themulti-machine rice milling under lower pressure represent the current advancedtechnical level of the complete set of rice milling equipment and technology inChina.

50T/D-Rice Mill Full Set

100T/D Rice Mill Full Set

120T/D Rice Mill Unit

150T/D Rice Mill Unit

200T/D Rice Mill Unit

300T/D Rice Mill Unit

1000T Paddy per day Rice Mill Full Set